Cube is the only son of the ice wizard he had iced white skin he's the newest boys who arrive a month ago like Tucker Samedi at Wizard high.



He's the only son of the Ice Wizard his father is now a widower who is never remarried after his mother died.


Erikson Sunset and Tomason Moon are his two best friends they form an original boys trio. He's also Friend with Neo Ligthning


No interest   for the moment

Cube Icey
Wizard High Student
Untitled drawing by solonor1987-d6qddfd
Age 15 years old
Nickname Ice man
Personality Kind and friendly i am a little shy too but i hate when someone is mean to me or my friends.
Magical Style I wear iced blue short arms coat with a white t-shirt under my coat. I wear iced blue pants and iced blue wool hat.
Pet a polar bear called Snow Ball because white like the snow.
Roommate Sky Vulcanic
Enemies Cyrus Seaweed and Tucker Samedi
Favorite Color Iced Blue
Favorite Food Frozen Fishs
Favorite Subject Gym and History
Least Favorite Subject Dunno
Skill Ice.
BFFs Erikson Sunset and Tomason Moon