Note:This is an entry for Girlx" OC contest.Gabriel Le fruit is the daughter of the fruit witches.

Physical descriptionEdit

Gabriel is a green-skin witch with red hair and green cat eyes.



Grabriel used to live with her mom in Joshua's dungeon. Because she didn't want to hurt people, Gabriel moved away and bought her own house. Her mom later moved there, too. Now she dorms with Nikki Callahan.


She is the BFF of Nikki Callahan and Stella Irene. She also has an acquaintance from Wizard High named Hunter Wizard, son of the Huntress Wizard.


She has a small crush on Foster Forests, son of the Forest Wizard.


"Partake the fruit. But from my basket. What ever you do don't eat mom's!" Gabriel talking to her friends when they came for dinner at her house during summerbreak.

Gabriel Le Fruit
Witch High Student
Gabriel Le Fruit
Age 16
Nickname Flora
Personality I'm sorta a country gal who loves gardening. I'm always hard-working and determined to become the owner of the largest fruit farm in the land.
Wicked Style I like wearing old fashioned tunics and colorful ribbons.
Pet Gobble, a little monster that all of us fruit witches have. It controls us but it's the other way around for me: I'm the leader, not Gobble.
Roommate Nikki Callahan, daughter of Anita Blake and Micah Callahan.
Enemies The school queen Christa Broom and her friends. I just wanna force them to eat mom's fruits and then feed their flesh to Gobble.
Favorite Color White
Favorite Food Fruit, but from the nearby farmer's markets. NOT from mom's dinning table.
Favorite Subject Spells 101, it has some spells that can help make my fruit trees in the backyard grow faster.(don't ya worry, they're safe to eat and I mean it)I also like Magic. I'm so close to getting my next Element:Earth. I just need to master the strongest Air spell.
Least Favorite Subject Broom flying. Why do I need a broom when I can fly on my own?
Element Air
BFFs Nikki Callahan and Stella Irene, daughter of the Grand High Witch's secretary.