Kristan Cauldroncooker (better known as Kris or Kristy) is the daughter of the Witch and one of the characters on Witch High.




She has a mother and with her own sister,Carly.


She was friends with Lala Rosespell and Rhythm Magicmusic so they even went to Witch High.


She's single.


She really hates Christa Broom.


  • "I hate you, Christa! Oh, and I hate your friends!!" -Kristan was being mean to Christa Broom.
  • "Sup, Melony. Kristan's here. I want to be your roommate! Do you want to be roommates? -Kristan meets Melony Sorceries who wanted to be roommates.


  • She is voiced by Sabrina Carpenter.
Kristan Cauldroncooker
Witch High Student
Age 16
Nickname Abby
Personality I'm a cool and funny person.
Wicked Style
Pet A sweet, cute kitty named Lilith.
Roommate Melony Sorceries
Enemies Christa Broom
Favorite Color I love red and black.
Favorite Food Biscotti
Favorite Subject Broom Flying.
Least Favorite Subject I can't pick one.
Element Light. It's rare.
BFFs Lala Rosespell and Kristan Cauldroncooker.

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