Lola Wandspell is a character from Witch High.


Lola is very protective and strong. She is careless towards insults about her and she never gives up in anything. Lola might look girly, but honestly, she is a tomboy with a hint of girly style and she is a little sporty. Lola is careful and kind when it comes to friends and she is confident. She hates bullies and picky people. She doesn't like when boys she's not interested in flirt with her because she finds it as if they annoying her instead of making her like them. She's a bit popular at school because of her strength and confidence. Not alot of people like her because they think she wants to end up making them look stupid.



Lola lives with her mom, her dad, who works out of town to get alot of money, and her sister, Lilly Wandspell.


Lola is friends with alot of people at Witch High. But her best friend is Jade Potions.


Lola is enemies with people at Witch High because of the problems they make with Lola.


Lola is single and is not that interested in boys, but she says that she's looking for the perfect boy.


- Oh my fudge cakes! Where did they go?! -Lola's reaction when she doesn't find two students with Kristan Cauldroncooker.

Lola Wandspell
Witch High Student
Age 16
Nickname Lolly, Tough-Head.
Personality I'm tough and I don't really give a wand to whatever people say about me.
Wicked Style Matching puffed short-sleeve shirts with somewhat medium skirts.
Pet I have twin puppies named Cutie and Sweety, Cutie is light purple and Sweety is lightish blue blue.
Roommate My roommate is my sister, Lilly Wandspell, she's somewhat a kind of bully.
Enemies My sister, Lilly along with her itsy-bitsy evil friends, Christa Broom and Sally.
Favorite Color Blue and Purple, as you can see, obivously.
Favorite Food Chips and Soda, yum.
Favorite Subject History of the Wicked, it's interesting, fun, and exciting.
Least Favorite Subject Witch Languge, it's kinda hard.
Element Light, it's real rare.
BFFs Jade Potions is my best friend.