Melody Wandcaster is one of the characters in Witch High.



Melody lives with her step-mother and her daughter, Christa Broom, her step-sister. Her father got a divorce with Melody's real mom, Melody dislikes her step-mother for how she treats her and because she does not like the fact that she is away from her real mother.


Melody is friends with Audrey Spellwand and Halloween Evil. She is sometimes seen hanging out with Willow Witch.


Melody is single and she is not interested in anyone, except her dream boy, Austin Hero, who attends, Wizard High.


Melody does not like her step-sister, Christa Broom, because she makes fun of her and always show off to be better than Melody, and she does not want Christa to find out that she likes her boyfriend, Austin Hero. Melody is also enemies with Christa's friends, Lily and Sally.


"It's not like she's not letting me go to the prom, it's that she thinks Christa has more right to go than me." - Melody telling Audrey, Halloween and Willow one of her problems.

"Hi, heard that your school are coming over for the prom....are you coming?" -Melody while talking to Austin.

Melody Wandcaster
Witch High Student
Age 16
Nickname Melly.
Personality I'm sorta shy and I don't have much confidence.
Wicked Style I like dresses with little 'puff' with boot-heels.
Pet Cauldron is my black cat.
Roommate Ciara McWand.
Enemies My sister, Christa Broom, she always dislikes me.
Favorite Color Mostly blue.
Favorite Food Licorince?
Favorite Subject Hmm....Broom Flying, I'm good at that.
Least Favorite Subject Spells 101, I usually mess up my spells.
Element Water.
BFFs Audrey Spellwand and Halloween Evil. And I sometimes hang out with Willow Witch.