Nea is Daughter of Witch or Lighting Witch.


Note: () = Mood reaction

Name: Nea Lighting

Nickname: Lighting Star

Age: 15

Birthday: April 3rd

Star Sign: Taurus (I want ride it!)

Chinese Zodiac: Dragon (Very rare legend chinese dragon!)

Star Sign Profile (as Taurus)Edit

Note: Same as Profile

The dominant planet: Venus (Err...)

Element: Earth (Earth?!?)

Lucky Number: 6 (Six? Ok.)

Lucky Colors: Light blue,green,purple (Nice color)

Lucky Day: Friday (Yay!)

Flower: Common Dog Violet (My favourite flowers!)

Lucky Stones: Topaz (color mathing same dress!)

Birthstone: Diamond (Shine bright like a diamond...)

Nea Lighting
Witch High Student
Nea Lighting
Age 15
Nickname Lighting Star
Personality brave,kind and bit a angry
Wicked Style Gold wearing clothes and sometings
Pet Unknown
Roommate None
Enemies None
Favorite Color Gold and Orange
Favorite Food Mooncakes and hot chocolate
Favorite Subject {{{favorite_subject }}}
Least Favorite Subject Unknown
Element Lighting
BFFs None