Principles and TeachersEdit

Principle : Mrs. Spellia Broomwandz

Teachers :

Mr. Spellington

Mrs. Brooma

Mrs. Magicia

Mr. Wandson

Mr. Cauldronington

Mrs. Wickeda

Mr. Orion Oracle

Ms. Tonya Stitchbuttons


- Spells 101, Mr. Spellington

- Broom Flying, Mrs. Brooma

- Magic, Mrs. Magica

- History of the Wicked, Mr. Wandson

- Music, Mr. Cauldronington

- Witch Languge, Mrs. Magica

- Physical Witchucation (P.W, Gym), Mrs. Wickeda

- Fortune Telling, Mr. Orion Oracle

- Voodoo Witchcraft, Ms Tonya Stitchbuttons

Rules and InstructionsEdit

1. No cutting classes.

2. No fighting or casting spells or using magic in the hallways nor in drooms.

3. If you want to train or practice, you go to the Training Fields.

4. There is no uniforms at all, you wear casual clothes.

5. You sleep in your drooms with your room-mate.

6. On weekends, you are free to visit your parents, go to the mall, go anywhere but not traveling.

7. You must be back at school at midnight on weekends.

8. You can go anywhere in semester break.

9. You can go out when it's break but you must come back once your next class is about to begin.

10. There is a cafeteria, but you don't have to pay.

11. At lunch, you can go outside to eat but you must come back when lunch is done.


- Mr. Cauldronington has a daughter named, Haylee Magicmusic, who attends Witch High.

- There are cameras all over the school.